Stiletto Nails

I remember watching the 2011 MTV Video Awards and seeing Adele’s nails like OMGOSH, those things are pointy and dangerous. I noticed that women were wearing their nails in this fashion but what I didn’t know was that this nail style had a name.

They’re called Stiletto Nails…I learned this today as I watched Amber Rose on Wendy Williams’ show. Amber isn’t the only celeb rocking this trend, I first saw this on Rihanna. Like anything else other people started to follow.

Why would anyone want nails that long and pointy? The potential of a medical emergency from poking  your eye out to accidentally stabbing someone is beyond me. To each its own…check out some of the pics below

Would you “wear” this trend?




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  1. I with you. I’m thinking I probably don’t need anything being detrimental to me properly cleaning myself down south #Justsaying. I tried it once back a few years ago, the next day I got them filed down. I was walking around feeling like Freddie from Elm Street.

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