Talk That Talk

Rihanna’s new album, Talk That Talk, debuts on November 21 and the only special appearance is being made by no other than Jay-Z.

Jay-Z appears on the title track “Talk That Talk” which is produced by Stargate  and Tor Erik Hermansen praised Jay-Z for his performance on the single. Hermansen stated that “This is the first time we do a song with Jay-Z and Rihanna together. Actually it’s the first time Jay does anything on our beats. It was about time.”

The producers describe the title cut as a mid-tempo banger with hard drums, dirty synths, and Rihanna and Jay at their best.

And Rihanna recently tweeted about Jay’s appearance saying, “One feature on the album! And we got the best!!!!!”

I’m not a huge Rihanna fan but I do like the visual stimulation for the song We Found Love. I’m pretty sure her stans will make sure her album is #1!


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  1. Great artical, I unfortunately had some problems printing this artcle out, The print formating looks a little screwed over, something you might want to look into.

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