Kyla Pratt…Mom?!?

Actress Kyla Pratt, who’s best known for her roles on “One On One” and the voice of Penny Proud on “The Proud Family,” made an appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” and she confirmed the rumors about her having a child.  She revealed that she has an almost 1-year-old baby girl after secretly giving birth a year ago. 

Say whatttttttttttt!!!!

The 25-year-old, is set to join the second season of BET’s “Let’s Stay Together” in January 2012 and was there to promote the show.

“A lot of people don’t know but I had a daughter last year and she’s going to be 1 next week,” Kyla told the surprised audience.

Wowzers, I want to know how she kept that secret 😉


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  1. OH-EMM-GEE!! Yes, how did she keep that a secret? For some reason I’m still picturing her as 14 year old high school student. So, maybe that’s why it’s such a shocker! Anyway, she’s twenty-five so she’s an adult making adult decisions and money. Kudos to Kyla! BTW: Where her baby daddy at? (excuse my grammar)…lol

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