“We Are Troy Davis” Art Exhibit Pics


In 1991 Troy Davis was convicted of the August 19, 1989 murder of Officer Mark McPhails in Savannah, Georgia. McPhails was off-duty at the time, working as security guard when the shooting occurred. He was shot twice trying to intervene during an assault on another man. Over the next 20 years, Davis maintained his innocence and his guilty verdict was appealed several times on the grounds that Davis had not received a fair trial. Davis’ execution dates were stayed on three previous occasions as a result. Despite these appeals, due in large part to witnesses recanting some or their entire story, the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia upheld the conviction in August 2010. Further appeals were rejected and Davis was executed on September 21, 2011

Last night I attended the “We Are Troy Davis” art exhibit and was in awe of the wonderful artwork that was on display. From oil paintings to acyclic to hand drawings and digital work…it was a very nice event. The purpose of the ‘I Am Troy Davis’ movement is to get involved, take a stand and do something about the injustices going on in your community or worldwide.

How you can get involved:




If these don’t tickle your fancy, I encourage you to speak up and speak out when wrong occurs in any situation!

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