The ‘Good Hair’ Debate AGAIN

Not another debate over what is “good hair” and if a Black woman should wear their hair in its natural state or buy it.

Actress Kim Coles visits with Dr. Drew to navigate the age-old debate of African American women and their hairstyles. Kim explains the history and culture of the accepted hair standards in her community. A panel of African-American women share their views on how and why they wear their hair the way they do. The panel will address everything from weaves to chemical processes to relaxers, iron pressed, natural wear and more. Today’s show uncovers the time, energy and money it takes to maintain various looks.

The man in the video clip below states that if a woman is well-educated and has a weave, he won’t bother with her. Take a look at this fool.

I’ve worn my hair natural, in braids, relaxed and any other way I see fit. I’m not a lace front wig person, or sew-in weaves, partial weaves or anything in between. I think it’s very ignorant of a person not to talk/date/marry someone over their hair. If I could, I would tell that man he is missing out on his blessings…it’s just hair.  Good hair doesn’t mean it’s long or straight.

Good hair is HEALTHY hair.  

Below are some other clips from the show:


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