Ricki Lake Is Returning To Daytime TV…Go Ricki! Go Ricki!

Not only is  Ricki Lake dancing her way into the finals on Dancing With The Stars, she’s also dancing back to daytime TV hosting a daily lifestyle oriented talk show for the first time since 2004.

 Twentieth Television officially announced yesterday that The Ricki Lake Show has cleared more than half the U.S. TV market and will launch in September 2012.

Fox described Lake as “America’s girlfriend” in the announcement and said the show would cover topics of interest to 25 to 54 yea r old women, including parenting, diet, weight and love. “Ricki is not an expert,” said the announcement. “She’s not a doctor, therapist or a super homemaker – she’s a working mom trying to figure life out, and inviting her audience along for the ride.”

“Focusing on topics significant to women,” said Paul Franklin, evp, general sales manager for Twentieth Television, “we are thrilled that Ricki will bring daily conversation and her relatable spirit to this impressive group of stations.”

“I want to spark ideas and conversations and inspire people to take active roles in their communities, relationships and their well-being.,” said Lake in a statement. “I have definitely grown as a person since I put down the mic in 2005, and I couldn’t be happier to share and continue the journey with both my existing fans and an entirely new generation of women.”

I’m glad that Ricki is coming back, I used to watch that show religiously when I was younger. She was the Oprah for younger women and I will be watching to see how she’s grown!


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