Toni Braxton Chats It Up With Chelsea Handler

Toni Braxton stopped by the Chelsea Lately show last night and talked  about her new white boyfriend not knowing she’s also still dating her ex husband. So Miss was right….oh my!

Toni dished on her new boyfriend and her being surrounded by family a bit too much…

Thoughts about being in a winter wonderland

“I’m playing in the snow.  It’s great.  White people smell different.  I can’t explain it–but they just do.  He likes to go hiking–black people don’t hike.  He likes kayaking and stuff like that.  But other than that, it’s the same.”

On her inner slut

“I’ve gone out on a couple dates with my ex husband.  But the white guy I’m dating doesn’t know.  We [Toni and her white boyfriend] haven’t had sex yet.  I’ve been locked down for 10 years. I’m not comfortable with the slut in me yet.  I’m working on her though.”

 Toni, please stop with the ignorant comments about white people. By the way she describes her man, you would like he’s from outer space…we get it, you’re new to the white world but from experience THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! 😀

OAN, check out clips from this Thursday’s episode where Toni let’s Tamar know who the real star of the family is and defends her decision to fire Vince as her manager.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tamar no one is checking for you…just be the arm candy that you are intended to be! *SIGHS*


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