Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People

Tonight on ABC, Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011, which will be airing for 90 minutes…a first for the special.

The special includes the controversial Herman Cain, who tells Walters he believes he was treated unfairly during his Republican presidential campaign run.

Also making an appearance are The Kardashians, whom Walters called “a very controversial choice, but we thought they’ve had such a year that it fit.” “People love the fact that nothing in their lives is private,” she explained. “The wedding had an impact. The fact that, through it all, they’re a family,” reports Entertainment Weekly.

Music mogul Simon Cowell will give Walters a tour of his lavish house, while risqué singer Katy Perry will talk about her conservative upbringing. Donald Trump, Pippa Middleton and Derek Jeter are among the other nominees.

Here’s what Barbara had to say about about the choices this year:

Simon Cowell: “He has the most beautiful house. People will, for the first time, see his house with its fountains and its ring of fire all around. He’s claustrophobic, he said. You’ll be surprised, and what he has to say about Paula Abdul will make you laugh. It may not make her laugh, but it’ll make you laugh.”

Pippa Middleton: “We chose Pippa because, here she was, nobody’s heard of her, her sister’s bridesmaid — you’re supposed to have a secondary place. Because of that dress and that body, suddenly everybody’s talking about Pippa.”

Donald Trump: “He still says that he might consider running [for president]. Donald is always Donald. I’ve known Donald for 30 years, so it’s great fun to do an interview with him. He has no self-doubt. He’s Donald, and he’s still piquing people’s interest.”

I wonder who will be at the top of the list, the special airs tonight on ABC at 9:30 PM


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