J.R. Martinez And Girlfriend Expecting Baby Girl

Iraq war vet and Dancing With The Stars winner, J.R. Martinez  and girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones are expecting a baby girl next spring.

The couple met when Martinez landed a role on All My Children in 2008…at the time, she was working as an assistant to the soap’s executive producer. The two became close friends, but it wasn’t until last year that the pair decided to take their friendship to the next level.

Martinez is already making plans for his little one stating, “I can’t wait to show her everything.”  “I want to get her into sports and I want her to know she can do anything and be anything she wants to be.”

Most of all, Martinez says, he is looking forward to fatherhood so he can “pass on to my child things that have been passed on to me.”

“It’s a beautiful gift we’ve been given,” he adds.

“2011 has been full of a lot of surprises and opportunities and ultimately, a lot of blessings,” Martinez said. “Diana and I were just asking ourselves, ‘How is 2012 going to top 2011?’  Well, we have our answer!”

Seems like 2011 was/is the year of the babies, remind me not to drink any of that water…I have 11 more days! 🙂


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