Are You An Extreme Cheapskate?

Do you dumpster/couch dive? Do you use fabric toilet tissue. If you’re an Extreme Cheapskate, then you probably do.

Merriam-Webster defines a cheapksate as a miserly or stingy person; especially : one who tries to avoid paying a fair share of costs or expenses…why do they have to be miserable? LOL

Last night, TLC premiered its newest reality special, “Extreme Cheapskates,” the most frugal folks in America share their secrets to saving money.

When times get tough, it’s not unusual for people to start cutting back a bit.

But for one penny-pinching man featured on TLC’s upcoming special “Extreme Cheapskates,” reducing his spending a bit isn’t good enough. No, Jeff Yeager does much more than that. He goes on an all-out weekly fiscal fast several times a year and doesn’t spend a cent of his own hard-earned money.

Instead, during his fasts, Jeff spends only the loose change that he finds around town. And when he does use that money, it’s to buy the cheapest things he needs — including food. This leads to some … umm … uncommon dishes at the dinner table.

Jeff's goat head dinner

“I create my menus around what is least expensive,” Jeff explained. “Not only does that save you a lot of money, but you tend to eat healthier. Like organ meats!”

Even Jeff’s wife, Denise, admits that she’s not always a fan of his meals. “Some of the food he eats, I just can’t get myself to … to fathom eating,” she said. SOURCE

Angela cutting her cloth tissue

Also, Angela, a middle-class mom, has come up with a unique way to save $240 a year. What’s her secret? She uses washable cloth squares instead of disposable toilet paper. Click on the link to find out how, exactly, she and her family have managed to keep up their cloth-as-toilet-paper thing for five years now. TLC Extreme Cheapskates 

 How far would you go to save a dollar?


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