C-Murder’s Conviction For Murder, Sentence Upheld

 A Louisiana appeals court has upheld the murder conviction and life sentence for rapper C-Murder. A three-judge panel from the state’s 5th Circuit Court of Appeal on Wednesday rejected Miller’s argument that he didn’t get a fair trial.

In 2009, a jury convicted Miller of second-degree murder for shooting 16-year-old Steve Thomas during a confrontation at a nightclub.

Miller claims the judge who presided over his trial allowed jurors to hear prejudicial and unsubstantiated testimony that he threatened witnesses to the shooting. He also accused prosecutors of systematically eliminating black people from the jury.

I have a question, why would a grown man get into an argument with a child? I’m pretty sure that whatever C-Murder was upset about didn’t warrant a gun to be involved. When will people learn that a gun doesn’t make you powerful, it just makes you a coward with a gun. It baffles me that people are so trigger happy and will shoot someone over the simplest things…especially Black people. We have to do better, be better and actually want better. This is all around sad, one son is dead and another son is imprisoned for life.  

SN: I’m pretty sure his nickname didn’t help his cause!


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