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Lady Gaga To Launch

Lady Gaga is launching her own social networking website exclusively for her fans.

The pop superstar has used online forums to boost her worldwide appeal and has become the first celebrity to register 18 million followers on

Now the Poker Face hitmaker is utilising her technology skills by founding her very own networking site for her devotees, who the star has branded her ‘little monsters’.

The site, called, is currently being set up, and the webpage invites fans to register with their email address.

A reply from the site reads, “Your invitation request has been received! We’re excited to share the world of LittleMonsters with you very shortly, keep an eye out for an official invite sometime soon.”

The site has been set up with the help of social media start-up company Backplane, in which Gaga is an investor. SOURCE


Angry Birds Launches First Branded Game

The relationship between Wonderful Pistachios and Rovio’s Angry Birds entered a new level Thursday with the launch of The Hunt for the Golden Pistachio, the first branded Angry Birds game.

You can play the game on but it requires a Chrome browser and functions much like the standard Angry Birds games except that the birds are used to crack open pistachios as well as destroy pigs. Users will also get the chance to win a total of $300,000 in prizes, which range from free pistachios and Angry Birds plush toys to $25,000 cash…prizes will be offered through Dec. 31.

This is the second collaboration between Wonderful Pistachios and Angry Birds, in September, they did an ad for Wonderful’s 2 year-old “Get Crackin’” campaign as well. Rovio has been exploiting Angry Birds‘s success in every way possible including with a planned TV show, movie and most recently a cookbook.

Not sure, well I know I’m sure that I will not be watching an Angry Birds movie…really?!?!? I wonder if the cookbook will be full of chicken recipes. LOL 🙂 (I know, corny)

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