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It’s Been A Minute

I’ve been gone for a while, a lot of GREAT things have happened since I last posted. I’m back and ready to enjoy this ride! 🙂


Fluid Meanings

The ABC’s Of Me

Can you come up with 26 words/phrases that describe you?


A: Addicted to truth

B: Bold

C: Cynical at times

D: Diverse

E: Emotional

F: Foodie

G: God’s Child

H: Honest

I: Imaginative

J: Joyous

K: Keeper of calendars

L: Loyal

M: Mother

N: Nature is overrated

O: Overt

P: Passionate

Q: Quite Limitless

R: Risk taker

S: Strong

T: Twitter fanatic

U: Universe listener

V: Very bad with being on time

W: Wise

X: Xenophobe I am not

Y: Youthful

Z: Zaftig

These are the pieces of me!

Does Pheadra Parks Have A Criminal Past?


Angela Stanton

According to Angela Stanton,  ATL Housewife Phaedra Parks’, has a criminal past that involves insurance check fraud, auto theft and racketeering. Hmmm, seems like her husband Apollo Nida isn’t the only “Martha Stewart” of the family if you believe what Stanton says.


Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • “After about a year or so, I guess she became a little more comfortable with our relationship and that’s when she introduced me to Apollo. Once she introduced me to Apollo … once she introduced me to Apollo, it was strictly a business relationship that the two of them had. And at that time, they were making fraudulent insurance checks.”
  • “I ended up catching a charge and going away to prison. On my first trip to prison, I only did four months, but while I was away at prison, Apollo had also got arrested. So when he got arrested … I finally got out after doing my four months, Phaedra and I got back together again … and we were all involved in a federal racketeering scheme against the federal government.”
  • “Stealing Porches, Hummers, Cadillacs, Corvettes, any hot whip at that time, we had it! We would basically go to the car lot and write down the VIN numbers of the vehicles that we felt as if we wanted to keep or would make a good sale…”

You can see the video here

This is a lot of details IF she is lying…ion know what to make of this but Mrs. Parks, everybody knows that what is done in the dark eventually comes to light.





Man Kills Couple Over Facebook

A 60-year-old Tennessee man is being charged with two counts of first degree murder of a  local couple because they deleted his adult daughter from their Facebook account.

According to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, Marvin Potter allegedly killed  Billy Payne Jr. and his girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth in their Mountain City, Tennessee home in January.

Previous to their murder, the couple had complained that Marvin’s daughter, Jenelle Potter, was harassing them and therefore unfriended her on Facebook.

Also charged in the murders is Marvin’s friend, 38-year-old Jamie Curd, who was said to have had romantic feelings for Jenelle.

While Jenelle isn’t directly linked to the murders, authorities say Jenelle Potter has been involved in other cases where she claims to have been wronged by someone.

“It’s a senseless thing,” Sheriff Mike Reece said.

The deceased couple leaves behind an 8-month-old baby, who thankfully remained unharmed in the shootings.

When will people learn that Facebook is a social networking site and the majoriy of the people are just faking things anyway. If you get caught up in your feelings about e-friends, I wonder how do you manage your feelings in real life? A child is without their parents b/c of Facebook…what a shame!

Mexico’s Vampire Woman, Maria Jose Cristerna

What on God’s green earth is this…..

Huffington Post

Though popular legend says that vampires must eschew direct light to survive, one ‘vampire’ has thrived in the spotlight recently. And really, it takes a lot to stand out at a tattoo convention where a man was suspended from hooks in his skin, but leave it up to Maria Jose Cristerna, the famous Mexican “Vampire Woman,” to do just that.

Cristerna attended the Venezuelan Tattoo Expo on Jan. 28 in Caracas, Fox News reports. According to Agence France Presse, more than 200 tattoo artists from a dozen countries attended the event, but Cristerna’s titanium horns, dental “fangs” and numerous facial piercings drew particular attention, even among other tattoo aficionados.

“My body transformation has been a part of taking my taste to the extreme,” Cristerna told AFP. “Life is short and sometimes we waste it on many things, so I’ve chosen beauty. And for me it’s beautiful to be this way, so that’s why I do it.”

Last September, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! took full-body casts of Cristerna to produce wax figures of her likeness for display at museums around the world — bringing her one step closer to immortality.

Ok, this is my thing, do people not think that just maybe the Lord will bless them enough to live up to age of 90? There is nothing remotely appealing about her look, NOTHING! How does she sleep? How does she get by the TSA? Would her condition fall under body dysmorphic disorder? There has to be a deep rooted issuse as to why she felt the need to change her look so drastically. She WAS a beautiful woman…this is disturbing!


Merry Christmas!



Wishing everyone a blessed day that is filled with love, peace, joy, gratitude, family and friends. Going to leave you with my FAVORITE Christmas song!


Joyce Vincent: Dead For 3 Years And No One Notices

If you died today, would anyone notice?

Story from Madame Noire

Joyce Vincent was 41 when she was found dead in her home, but she was 38 when she died. For three years, from 2003-2006, her body lay surrounded by Christmas gifts she was planning to wrap; the television still on.

How does this happen? Especially to a woman who was social, who two-years prior had a high-powered job at Ernst and Young, who had rubbed elbows with celebrities, and who wanted to get married? That’s what Carol Morley set to find out. But her new documentary film, “Dreams of a Life,” is about more than just Joyce Vincent, a young, beautiful London woman whose parents were from the Caribbean and who no one seemed to miss when she was gone. It’s about life, death, and loneliness.

To promote the film, the studio Hide & Seek, created a companion website called Dreams of Your Life to engage visitors to examine their own isolation with questions like, “Could something like that ever happen to me?” “Do you have friends?” “If you died, how long would it take for someone to find you?”

The questions are eerily introspective.“Our aim was to make something that would give people a chance to think about the people in their lives and think about whether or not there were any changes that they wanted to make about their degree of connectedness,” Hide & Seek’s Margaret Robertson said.

As for Joyce Vincent, her memory will live on in Morley’s film which debuted at the BFI London Film Festival in October and was shortlisted for best documentary there. You can also read more about her story here. The film will be available for general release in March 2012.

This literally made me so sad inside, how can one be dead for 3 years and go unnoticed?  What puzzles me is that none of her family, associates, friends or colleagues noticed she wasn’t returning phone calls or appearing out and about. I’m in the process of answering some the questions on the sister website and it is creeping me out a bit. There are no words that can truly describe how I feel about this story.

Merriam-Webster Names Word Of 2011


Merriam-Webster  has picked its top word of 2011, pragmatic.

The word, which means practical and logical, was looked up so often on Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary that the publisher says “pragmatic” was the pragmatic choice for its 2011 Word of the Year.

Though it wasn’t traced to a specific news event or quote from a famous person, searches for “pragmatic” jumped in the weeks before Congress voted in August to increase the nation’s debt ceiling, and again as its supercommittee tried to craft deficit-cutting measures this fall.

“Pragmatic” may have sparked dictionary users’ interest both because they’d heard it in conversations, and because it captures the current American mood of encouraging practicality over frivolity, said John Morse, president and publisher of Springfield, Mass.-based Merriam-Webster. ”

‘Pragmatic’ is a word that describes a kind of quality that people value in themselves but also look for in others, and look for in policymakers and the activities of people around them,” Morse said.

A new feature on Merriam-Webster’s site allows users to tell the dictionary publisher why they sought that specific word, and the feedback from those who looked up “pragmatic” was that they wanted to reaffirm that the connotation was positive.

“People have a general sense of what the word meant and in fact had even been using it, but then they had a moment when they thought to themselves, ‘Perhaps I ought to look up that word and make sure it means what I think it means,”‘ Morse said.

Merriam-Webster has been picking its annual top choice since 2003 and below are the list of words from past years:

  • 2010: Austerity
  • 2009: Admonish
  • 2008: Bailout
  • 2007: Woot
  • 2006: Truthiness
  • 2005: Integrity
  • 2004: Blog
  • 2003: Democracy

What word would you use to describe 2011? Mine would be enlightened 🙂

‘The Cloud’ Mimics World Trade Buildings

What do you think when you see this picture?

Two apartment towers created by a Dutch architecture firm have many stunned thanks to their unmistakable resemblance to the Twin Towers just after the planes hit on Sep. 11.

“The design inspiration of The Cloud is visualized in the first image on our website, a cloud covering the center of the Sky scraper,” states the MVRDV website. But some say that The Cloud, which will feature a large connecting atrium, a wellness center, various pools, restaurants and cafes, looks far too similar to the explosion at the World Trade Center on 9/11 after two planes flew directly into the twin towers.

“A real media storm has started and we receive threatening emails and calls of angry people calling us al Qaeda lovers or worse,” the company posted on its Facebook page.

Hundreds of outraged commenters took to the company’s Facebook page, such as Lance Henley, who wrote, “It looks like the WTC exploding on impact, how could anyone be such a moron…if it goes up it’ll come down just as fast.”
But others suggested the comparison was far-fetched.

“Everyone should remember that the World doesn’t revolve around the US or 9/11. They have their own things going on to think about and worry about to honestly remember what the buildings looked like coming down and all that. Stop acting like the world revolves around the US,” wrote Ricky Arellano.”

The architecture firm has since apologized for the uncanny resemblance, but has not made any plans to change their appearance.

“MVRDV regrets deeply any connotations The Cloud project evokes regarding 9/11,” it wrote on its website. “It was not our intention to create an image resembling the attacks nor did we see the resemblance during the design process. We sincerely apologize to anyone whose feelings we have hurt.”

Ironically, the buildings will mark the entrance to the Yongsan Dreamhub project, which was created by the same man who designed the rebuilt World Trade Center — Daniel Libeskind

The luxury apartment towers are to go up in Seoul, South Korea by 2015. One is 850 feet tall and the other is 970 feet in height.

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