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Rapper DPhil Creates ‘XY’ Movement

Daryll Duane Philips, a straight 19-year-old rapper from Dallas who goes byDPhil Spanglishman, has created the XY Movement, which encourages men to get in touch with their feminine sides by donning lipstick and other items, like floral print tights, typically worn by women.

Below is the interview he gave to The News 33:

“A lot of people feel like a lot of colors or tight clothes is homosexual. I feel like it’s more of an expression of me,” said XY Movement creator Daryll Duane Philips II.

“The only obstacles are in your mind, that’s the way I feel. I had to break down those barriers in my mind to where I was just confident enough to do it,” said Philips.

He’s started what he calls the XY Movement. It’s an attempt to blur gender lines a little further. “The first time I stepped out of the house, I was nervous, I’m not going to lie,” he said. He uses social media to spread his message and he says it’s catching on.

“Actually on Twitter, this guy, I looked at this picture and he had on lipstick and he was like yeah man, I did it to support what you`re doing. I was like man that`s crazy,” said Philips.

He has girlfriend whose learned to embrace it too. “It’s fine. I wear lipstick. He wears lipstick. We share lipstick,” said Philips’ girlfriend Joy Nguyn. Despite the comments her friends and family share. “I get mostly negative comments, oh he’s gay, that`s not cute. Guy`s shouldn’t wear lipstick or tights, but I really don`t care,” said Nguyn.

Philips says he’s just in touch with his feminine side. “I believe I’m 40 percent female, basically because of my emotions. I’m a very emotional person. Very emotional,” he said. And thinks other men should be too. “Everyone has a soft spot. I just embrace both sides,” said Philips.



Stiletto Nails

I remember watching the 2011 MTV Video Awards and seeing Adele’s nails like OMGOSH, those things are pointy and dangerous. I noticed that women were wearing their nails in this fashion but what I didn’t know was that this nail style had a name.

They’re called Stiletto Nails…I learned this today as I watched Amber Rose on Wendy Williams’ show. Amber isn’t the only celeb rocking this trend, I first saw this on Rihanna. Like anything else other people started to follow.

Why would anyone want nails that long and pointy? The potential of a medical emergency from poking  your eye out to accidentally stabbing someone is beyond me. To each its own…check out some of the pics below

Would you “wear” this trend?



J.Lo Is GLAMOUR’s Woman Of The Year

J. Lo is on the cover of GLAMOUR magazine looking oh so HAWT in a red bustier by Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, pants and a Swarovski crystal anchor necklace by Salvatore Ferragamo, a Michael Kors gold necklace, Verdura gold bracelet, two Chanel Fine Jewelry gold, black onyx, and diamond bracelets, a Lorraine Schwartz white gold diamond bracelet, a Verdura gold, platinum, and diamond wide link bracelet and a Pomellato rose gold and diamond bracelet. WELL DAMN!!! (in my Gucci voice)


In the issue, veteran actress and Jenny’s former co-star Jane Fonda interviews the newly single singer-actress about life, love and learning from her biggest year yet.

Here’s a sneak peek from the interview:

On the possibility of a new relationship out of the public eye
“I think to give something a chance, to really get to know somebody, you want to do it out of the public eye. You know the media—they want to rush everything.”

On her style
“The things I liked when I was, like, 16 and in the Bronx—jeans, cut-up T-shirts—I still like. But I’ve been exposed to so much now from traveling the world and seeing couture clothes. I used all of that when I created my new line for Kohl’s. My style has come from everything, from where I started to where I am today.”

On what she’s learned about love and relationships
“I think I’ve finally learned the biggest lesson of all. You’ve got to love yourself first. You’ve got to be OK on your own before you can be OK with somebody else. You’ve got to value yourself and know that you’re worth everything. And until you value yourself enough and love yourself enough to know that, you can’t really have a healthy relationship.”

Glamour’s December issue is available on newsstands nationwide and digitally on November 8.  The woman looks great!!!!!

Sparkling Heels

One of the newest fall trends these season is sparkling heels. These shoes would work perfectly with the LBD (little black dress). Take a look at these three shoes below and be inspired. Would you rock this trend? I would! 🙂

 Brian Atwood Suede $1900

 Topshop Suede $160
 Nine West Suede $119

Nicki Minaj Teams Up With OPI Nail Polish


Female rapper, Nicki Minaj, is set to release her own line of nail polish in January 2012. She’s teaming up with OPI nail polish to add her Pink Friday twist to the brand.

Nicki’s collection will be named after her hit songs including Pink Friday (a creamy bubblegum hue), Metallic 4 Life (a charcoal sparkle), Super Bass Shatter (a purple, graffiti art-inspired topcoat effect), Save Me (a silver-rainbow glitter), Fly (an electric aqua) and Did It On ‘Em (a fluorescent lime).

OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, released this statement:

“OPI is so excited to work with Nicki in releasing these six new nail lacquers. Nicki has taken the hip-hop world by storm, but her music is only part of the equation. She’s also become a fashion inspiration, noted for her daring costumes and hair color both on and off the stage.”



How many ways do you wear a scarf?

This is the coolest video ever on how to wear a scarf more that the basic four or five ways. You can thank me later! 🙂

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