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Dear NBA

Dear NBA, NBA players and anyone else involved in this lockout

Can we PUH-LEASE get a season started soon!!!! Why can’t all of these grown men get it together? I think it’s time for some estrogen to step in and have everyone come to a meeting of the minds to end this 137 day lockout. Stern, I know that you’ve been compared to a “massa” (if the shoe fits IMO)but with my educational thinking, why can’t you give the players what they want. You’re making money hand over foot…right?!?! So you won’t make 300 million (hypothetically) but you’ll make 200 million (hypothetically). Once it gets to the millions, does it really matter if it’s hundreds of thousands of millions off?

Maybe the players are being greedy and maybe not, all I know is that I am anxiously awaiting to hit up The Highlight Factory…great mother and son time!


A Dissapointed Fan

P.S. Michael Jordan you need to have a __/ because when you were in the league you were making STUPID money too, now you want to cap salaries. BOI STOP!


NBA Commissioner Cancels More Games

According to the Associated Press NBA Commissioner David Stern has cancelled all NBA games for the month of November. This happened after labor negotiations broke down for the second time in a week. Stern stated, “It’s not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now.”

What’s not practical is there not to be any basketball. There is money to be made hand over foot, so what’s the real problem? I’m going to need these grown men to man up and come to some type of agreement. While I don’t know all of the intricacies behind the lockout; first and foremost their money should be guaranteed and I don’t believe they’re asking for too much. It takes a lot to be an athlete and I don’t think the commissioner is understanding that. To me, all he sees is dollar signs.


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